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Guided baby massage and baby yoga classes in Weybridge, Elmbridge & online

Touch is a very early form of communication and learning baby massage techniques as your babies first class will help you to understand your baby’s non-verbal communication cues as well as being a fun activity to undertake, especially in these times.  My baby massage & baby yoga courses are perfect gentle classes suitable for all parents and babies, I demonstrate on a doll and only parents massage their baby and you do not need to come from a yoga background. 


Book onto a course and don't be concerned if your baby cries, needs feeding or falls asleep, babies are encouraged to be babies I encourage you to respond to your baby promptly and sensitively as this is acknowledged to be a way of supporting the bonding process. All strokes & moves are repeatedly demonstrated each week as we build-up to the full massage in an appropriate way to avoid overstimulating and overwhelming your child 

What parents have said: 

"The online baby massage class was a gift and probably one of the best gifts I've received. Nita was very warm, patient and attentive. The massage moves taught are a wonderful way to bond with my baby. She really enjoys it, evident from her big smiles and the calming effect!"

"My baby and I both looked forward to attending Nita's weekly massage course. Nita is a compassionate and thoughtful teacher. She taught me massage techniques which helped me and my baby bond. I now have the knowledge and skills to help soothe my baby"

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