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4 Benefits of Baby Massage For Your Baby

Did you know that the benefits of baby massage can be far-reaching and benefit both the Baby and others?

The skill of Baby Massage should not be an add on, to squeeze into other baby classes. The Loving Touch Baby Massage course I facilitate ideal as a first baby class, they are baby-led and delivered with care not to overstimulate your new baby.

I teach all the strokes, not just my favourite ones or the ones that are easier to teach so you have a library of strokes available to you to massage your baby at home. I also give you an illustrated parent handbook with all the strokes outlined.

Baby Massage Benefits For Your Baby

1. Improving Interaction

 By providing One to One quality time

 Promoting and deepening the connection between you

2. Stimulation of:

 Organs of the body, circulatory, digestive, hormonal, vestibular & Nervous

 Muscular development, tone and growth

3.Can help with Relief of :

 Gas and colic

 Constipation and elimination

4. Promote Relaxation shown through:

 Improved sleep patterns

 Reducing stress levels

Both research and evidence from families I have worked have experienced benefits, found it worthwhile and a FUN activity. I encourage you to try baby massage with your little one.