Safety & security tips for online baby massage sessions

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

As I sit down to update this blog the UK's coronavirus restrictions will last for "at least" another three weeks from 16 April.

Social distancing has meant that many baby classes have moved online, so what do you need to consider to keep yourself and your baby safe online.

Like many of my peers from the IAIM I've been shocked by some of the things I've been seeing online over the last couple of weeks considering its sensitive content. There have been screenshots, with names clearly visible and videos of naked babies, on social media or for advertising, open invitations for all to join an online class and suggestions that family members can watch for free during group classes.

5 safety tips on what to check for and what to consider if you are joining an online course where your baby may be on-screen.

1) Platform and Privacy

What platform is being used for the class? Is it a private, secure and password protected space.

2) Waiting Room

Many platforms have a waiting room option. This means that only the host can add the participants before they are part of the meeting

3) Lock the Room

Ask your host how many participants are in the class and confirm that they will 'lock the room' once everybody has joined. This means once started nobody else can join. Class sizes should be small and manageable.

4) Recording

There have been concerns recently about recorded meetings ending up online and unsecure. Only the host should be able to record the meeting and you should make sure that they aren't doing so. Participants are alerted to any meetings being recorded and you should flag this immediately if you see it.

5) Clothing

Think carefully about whether you want your baby to be on screen at all and if you do please keep nappies on at all times.

I am prouder than ever to be a part of the International Association of Infant Massage who haven't rushed in putting our programme online to take time to organise, reflect and ask the important questions Just as we take safeguards during our group in person classes the same must be done with online sessions.

As we begin week 4 of lockdown in the UK the subtle adjustments to what has always been a face to face programme have been made.

I believe is what makes the IAIM the gold standard in baby massage. how to massage your baby as well as a wealth of information - baby massage is so much more than just strokes.

Contact me to find out more or to arrange your place on a group course.

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