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Discover the benefits of baby yoga with Nita

Loving Touch Baby’s in-person baby yoga classes will be returning to the Weybridge venue and online from 19th April 2021. Should you be interested in booking on to a baby yoga class with me, Nita, please visit the upcoming classes page and secure your spot.

Just as we as adults can benefit greatly from regular yoga practice, so too can our babies. Baby yoga can provide your little one with a wealth of long-term physical and emotional benefits, and the practice itself is thoroughly enjoyable for families to take part in together.

Read here all about the many benefits of baby yoga as well as what you can expect from a baby yoga course with me.

The physical benefits of baby yoga

mother and baby enjoying baby yoga together

Help them to set their balance and awareness

Babies are naturally inquisitive, especially when it comes to their physicality. You will notice your little one is forever trying and testing out their ability to move, which comes especially in handy when the time comes for them to crawl and then walk.

Baby yoga promotes this natural movement, which can help your baby to become aware of their body, their centre of gravity and their balance. They can develop an understanding of weight-bearing over time and all of this can be extremely beneficial when they begin to try crawling.

Yoga can help your baby to sleep better

The slow, peaceful process of yoga can help to calm your baby, relax their muscles and mind and, when paired with the soothing touch from their loving parent, encourages a deeper state of relaxation that can promote higher-quality sleep.

If your baby finds it difficult to self-settle, or if you’re looking for ways to assist in the setting of a bedtime routine, you may find the skills and techniques learned during our baby yoga classes very helpful.

Relieves colic and aids digestion

Loving Touch Baby’s yoga classes will walk you and baby through a variety of movements and stretches that can help to relieve colic, gas and constipation, as well as aiding a normal digestion. If your baby struggles with any of the above, or if you’re looking for ways to prevent these issues from developing, baby yoga could prove beneficial to you and baby.

The emotional and mental benefits of baby yoga

a baby stretching to reach their feet