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We focus our parent and baby courses around connection

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

I'm a people person, I love what I do and I've found not connecting really challenging.

These challenging times have really made me reflect on how I spend my time, what I value and why I really love what I offer my community.

The Loving Touch Baby Massage course follows the International Association of Infant Massage(IAIM) Programme combined with my own background and teaching style developed through my experiences as an NHS pharmacist and yoga teacher. The IAIM is the largest, longest-standing and the only association dedicated solely to baby massage in the world. As an evidence-based practitioner in the NHS, the expertise and consensus-based practice appealed to me and led me to train with the association.

The IAIM lead the field in bringing expertise and experience into the daily lives of our parents and babies. The IAIM baby massage instructor training courses are the most comprehensive available in the UK today. Historically and traditionally the programme has always been a face to face programme, and it will return to only being a face to face programme after this unprecedented time.

Our programme is based on connection. The human touch that takes place in our classes goes beyond physical touch, it's a presence. Through shared learning experiences, receiving feedback (both directly and indirectly) about the interactions taking place between parents and babies and the value that is gained through sharing space with peers and class discussions, we see the benefits. ⁣Living, breathing, touching experience.⁣ Our programme is so much more than learning strokes. ⁣

Our worldwide circle of 63 trainers and our founder Vimala McClure, with much love, have deliberated on how we can keep the integrity and ethos of the IAIM alive and still reach out to support families during this unique period of social distancing which is why we have new specially developed course for the virtual world.

The IAIM is renowned for being the gold standard in Infant Massage training and as such recognised that much care and consideration as to the safety of parents and babies were needed in the preparation of an online offering.

Our programme has always been so much more than simply massage strokes, keeping parents and babies at the heart of what we do.

I look forward to continuing to share loving nurturing touch and warm listening, safely, with families during this unique and unprecedented time until we can meet again.